Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Food, Baby Food, Baby Food!!!

Those of you who really know me know I am OBSESSED with kitchen gadgets! So, it will not surprise you that I picked out this baby food maker WAY before I was pregnant.
I LOVE THIS MACHINE! I have been making all of Preston's baby food (except sweet potatoes before 7 months). At P's 4 month appointment our pediatrician recommended this book for my guide on all things baby food.
This book is amazing! The chapters are divided into each month and has a simple table at the beginning listing all of the food's you can introduce at that particular month. You are only supposed to read the chapter that your baby is at (which is great for those of us who get bored easily). The book also lists all of the foods that are listed in the chapters and gives nutritional information and instructions for cooking.

Back to the baby food...the Beaba steams and purees the food for your baby. It takes me less than 30 minutes to prepare food for Preston and he has LOVED everything so far. I mean seriously...what 7 month old eats asparagus?!

Ok, here's a quick demo on what I do. First I start with whatever vegetable/fruit I want.
Next prepare your fruit/vegetables (wash, peel, cut in pieces)

Ok, the next step is VERY important! Don't throw away your carrot peels because a certain little dog will get very upset!
Next you steam the fruit/vegetable, puree, and place in ice cube trays. One cube is one serving.

Then all you have to do is cover with wax paper and foil and freeze! When your done freezing you can pop out the cubes and put them in individually labeled freezer bags.
Hopefully this was helpful! The decision to make Preston's food was an easy one for me to make. It isn't for everyone, but it was right for us. I love to cook and cooking food for P was no exception. Now I know exactly what is in his food!

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  1. I loved making the boys' baby food. It was so easy, even without the fancy maker - although that thing looks AMAZING!